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A Solarized Dark theme for pandoc


Pbb has experienced a few upgrades recently.

Solarized Dark syntax highlighting

The most visible change is a custom theme for code block syntax highlighting; it now uses Solarized Dark, my preferred colour theme for pretty much everything. I’ve found a useful guide to skylighting JSON themes, and after lots of trial and error to see which token type was what, I’ve arrived at a result I’m happy with.

Halfway through, I realized that the KDE syntax highlighting project already does contain a Solarized Dark theme, but it includes a few Kate specific settings that I don’t need for pandoc, and it uses a few colours differently from what I want—so I didn’t mind having created my own.

The biggest challenge was to get the CSS for the background of line numbers right; something like

pre > code.sourceCode > span > a:first-child::before {
    line-height: 1.6em;

pre > code.sourceCode > span:first-child > a:first-child::before {
    margin-top: -9px;
    padding-top: 9px;

pre > code.sourceCode > span:last-child > a:first-child::before {
    margin-bottom: -9px;
    padding-bottom: 9px;

finally did the trick. Notice that when this scrolls horizontally, there is still an issue with extra padding at the end of each line. This is self-illustrating, but here’s a picture in case the styling ever changes:

Close-up of line number background

The theme file is in the pbb repo on GitHub.

Link styling

Links now behave differently on focus, hover and when active: there is a drop shadow, which becomes increasingly less blurry and moves around a little.

Focus, hover, active, and visited

The colours are also taken from the Solarized palette. (Just like inline code, by the way.)

Figure styling

Figure captions are now different from normal text, and figures got a little border:

Caption and border

Table captions

Table captions got the same treatment:

Table caption

Index page and datestamps

The index page got a new look with bigger post titles and styled datestamps:

Index page

And the datestamp on each post as well:

Datestamp on a post

This uses a Feather icon for the calendar.

Dependabot for GitHub Actions

This is more of a behind-the-scenes change: there is now support for Dependabot to update Actions workflows (see blog post and help page), which I have enabled. Not because I have super complex workflows, more to see how it works.