ArtifiShell Intelligence

A custom domain for ArtifiShell Intelligence


A new name and a custom domain? Yes!

“ArtifiShell Intelligence” narrowly won out over “Shell we dance?” (in wide use for, well, dancing events such as The Netherland’s largest dancing competition), “Terminal Shellness” (bit bleak), “Super Fish Shell” (almost perfect, except that there is the fish shell) and “BenefiShell Musings”. I thought something with “Prompt” would totally work, too, but couldn’t come up with a single idea for it.

As an added bonus, googling for “artifishell” led me to this great Instagram account.

At some point, I’ll even create a pretty header for this new title.

GitHub Pages with a custom domain

I’ve owned for more than a year, and now I’m finally using it. I wanted both the apex domain and to work and require HTTPS, but as it turns out, that’s not totally straightforward. I read through all the corresponding instructions and assumed that this should work:

However, this resulted in working, while complained about a missing security certificate. There is a long thread in the GitHub Community Forum with people having similar problems, and the inofficial GitHub bug tracker has an entry for it as well. It affects even sites like!

After going back and forth with what’s in the CNAME file and in the repo settings (www or not), having www in both places ended up working. As pointed out in the thread linked above, this might break in three months when only the cert for gets renewed, but not I’ll see; everything works for now, and I won’t touch it!