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Classification of people attending tech meetups


Disclaimer: these are friendly hyperboles after attending a few technology-minded meetups in the role of somebody looking to make connections and eventually land a job.

The recruiter

Your safe haven if you have a hard time chatting up people.

No activity on your part required, just exist in their general vicinity to be talked to. After having reduced you to exactly what language you work in, they let you know they “might have something for you”, give you a business card and are interested in the next person.

The startup founder

Almost as engaging as the recruiter. Can be avoided by very actively ignoring them when they are approaching, but one glance is enough for the mobile phone to come out. After a pro forma introduction, you get an in-depth demonstration of their product.

The developer at an established firm

Just checking out the scene. Lets you know that if you ever have “any coding needs”, their company is perfect for that. Less helpful for “any job needs”.

The designer

Here to find their next freelance gig and/or subjects for their UX study.

The weird one

You know the type from your computer science study days: ticks all nerd boxes and can be overheard elaborating on the latest security vulnerabilities / conspiracy theories while you give them a wide berth.

The fellow jobseeker

Perfect to chat to about recruiters, startup founders, developers at established firms and weird ones. Knows your pains.